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Garden Rescue

Farnham Fiancees

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Charlie Dimmock and the Rich brothers are off to Farnham in Surrey to meet James and his fiancé Laura, a young couple with a long, thin garden that’s a total disaster. It’s completely bare apart from the remains of an old bathroom suite - not a plant or flower in sight. They’ve renovated their house but with a wedding to plan haven’t got time to tackle the garden. Added to that their budget is tight - the designers only have £1500 to transform it from a barren wasteland to a flower filled haven - it’s a massive challenge. The designers have to use their imaginations as much as their skills in this garden – to stretch the budget they come up with some great ideas to upcycle and recycle as well as cost effective ways of adding impact to a space and fabulous ideas for making the most of a long, thin plot.

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