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Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Blackpool & Bristol

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This time, our two gardeners each living on their own are hoping Monty can help them bring something special to their small spaces. In Blackpool, Alex, a young accountant, dreams of turning her boring back yard into a magical enchanted forest, complete with fairy lights and luscious woodland plants. Monty comes up with a big and daring idea, and to illustrate his point, sends Alex to visit the ancient trees of Holker Hall in Cumbria. But will this young dreamer feel Monty’s suggestion is too ambitious to take on? In Bristol, Ross has taken on a very over-grown allotment. But with no experience of growing edibles, he’s feeling over-whelmed. A few months before, he’d lost his job, broken up with his partner and found himself with nowhere to live. Now, happily, Ross’s life is getting back on track – he’s got a job and a flat. Now with his newly acquired allotment he wants a space to relax in as much as a vegetable garden. Can Monty help Ross build up his confidence as well as his gardening know how and build his dream outside space?

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