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Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Bury & Hackney

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Monty visits two sets of ambitious gardeners, each facing challenges on a very different scale. One is a tiny urban courtyard in Hackney. Its owners, Karla and Stuart, dream of transforming it into a miniature urban jungle, inspired by the Philippines. With Monty’s encouragement and a visit to tropical garden in Leeds their hopes run high. But can they ever squeeze all their ideas into their tiny space?
Monty is also called in to help a whole community create the outdoor area of their dreams. It’s the play area for a local primary school in Bury, Lancashire. Three mothers with children at the school are keen to make the most of this valuable asset, dreaming of a play space, a wildlife area and a place to grow veg and herb. But with no serious gardening experience, and the hopes of the children and village at stake, can they every create something which will please everyone?

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