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Big Dreams, Small Spaces

Clapham & Hereford

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In Clapham, young couple Jack and Chris want to turn their tiny urban back garden into a Victorian inspired plant collector’s paradise with a high tech twist. This super-organized duo know exactly what they want – a special dahlia collection, a fern wall and lots of modern gardening gadgets. But as Monty discovers, their timing is not perfect- they are trying to combing making a new garden with totally refurbishing their home. Meanwhile in Hereford, keen sailor Frankie is trying to create a cottage garden with the help of her mum, Pat. Frankie has a chaotic approach to gardening and wants to include some unusual elements like a roman style pond and a gigantic head made from mud. Monty worries that Frankie’s madcap plans could create even more chaos and he urges her to concentrate on the basics like paths and structure. Will Monty be able to persuade Frankie to take his advice?

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